Monday, July 29, 2013

June Antiques Part 3

Still sharing from my June travels...

This is a hand crank "Little Modiste" sewing machine, complete with the table clamp.
It is marked:
Made in Germany
British Zone

It is in great condition, the little wooden knob on the wheel looks hardly used.

The "Unique Cabinet",  Star Pin Co Birmingham Conn

The box contains pins - hair and two colors of straight pins.
Each pin was individually inserted into the paper roll which was then rolled with the black pins in the center.
The hair pins are in four sizes, the smallest size is empty.

We also went to Taos, New Mexico.
Definitely a place to get back to for a longer trip.

There are beautiful art galleries filled with woven rugs, pottery, jewelry and paintings.

Not too many quilts.  One of the galleries with Henri Matisse works also had an Amish wool doll quilt.  Thinking back, I wish I had asked to see it time.

For my foodie friends -
We had great food!
Chile Relleno en Nogada
It is a dish served in the area for celebrations.
Roasted poblano pepper stuffed with beef, apple, raisins, onion, tomato and seasoning.  The sauce is brandy cream sauce with pecans, garnished with pomegranate seeds and cilantro.

Since we were celebrating of course we had to order it!

Dusk    Rio Grande Gorge New Mexico

June was a great month shared with friends near and far - hope your is too.

Next stop - New York City

I hope your week is filled with big blue skies.


  1. Love that toy sewing machine! And the box too! So cool!

  2. Wow! You really do know how to find the good stuff! Love that little sewing machine. The only ones I find are in very used condition. Just love the blue!
    Thanks for sharing your travels. Love the big sky!

  3. Your little sewing machine is just gorgeous!!! I have two little toy sewing machines and I just love them!!! Such an interesting little box of pins, never seen anything like that I have to say!!! NM sounds like an interesting place, the weaving machine looks to be custom made, I'm sure the scenery there is just wonderful and open!!!!

  4. Wow, what a trip. That little sewing machine is darling.
    Lady Locust

  5. Taos is mine and my hubby's favorite place to visit.We were there plus Santa Fe and Albuquerque for the last week in May. I posted photos and descriptions of that trip on my blog in early June. I'm ready to go back.

  6. usually my world is full of BIG blue skies but the past few days have been a bit cloudy and some (not much) rain has fallen. it's been lovely to have it cool off a bit.

    that tiny sewing machine is so sweet~!!~ i have a tiny red one but it's a bit more used than yours appears to be. this little blue one is a great find indeed~!


  7. I am always fascinated by the items on display from your collection! Love that little machine. : )
    You are really getting around. My last trip to New Mexico was when I was a teenager. And in my two visits to the state of New York, I have never been to THE city.

  8. what great treasures. I have a little blue sewing machine, very similar.
    Your meal looks yummy!

  9. Wow - I knew you were traveling but didn't realize how far you were venturing out! Cute little machine and your celebration meal looks interesting!

  10. Great little machine. Your Summer travel sure sound like fun. I agree about Taos.

  11. Always love seeing your treasures. Hope to see you Saturday.


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