Monday, July 15, 2013

June Antique Quilts Part One

As promised here are some of the June antique quilt purchases.

This is one of several my friend bought.  She gave me permission to share this one.  Sorry for the wrinkles, but every time a quilt comes out my dog thinks it is her job to lay on it and help.  Since it isn't my quilt I was in a hurry...I think the quilt is about 80 something by seventy.  All hand pieced and quilted.

The blocks are probably older, and were set and finished at a later time.

Of course you need to see a closeup of the fabrics.
I think the stars are about 7" finished.

Hand pieced.

Some prints repeated in the pieced blocks.

A few stars are three prints, some are four or more.

Diagonal line hand quilting.

Love the blue - kind of a lily of the valley print.

Dots, plaids and checks - all belong together.

This is a lovely combination - Madder stripe, double pink with the red check alternate block.

Just looking at this again makes me want to stitch a star or two.  How about you?

So what did I buy?  Not as much as some people who will remain nameless...  What happens shopping stays with the shoppers!!

The binding is a little worn, but how about the print?

The border triangles are great.  I don't think the lack of precise points detracts from the effect or the beauty of the quilt.  Perfection is highly over rated...

It is all hand pieced and hand quilted.  Even the binding is all hand applied.  In a place where the binding is loose I can see the basting stitches holding the piping in place.

The pattern is a single chain.

The indigo squares are 1"

The border triangles are 1.5" long.

It is a very large quilt at 116" x 120"

Then sticking to what appeared to be a blue theme that day - I also picked up this sweet nine patch.

It too appears to be hand pieced and quilted.  The binding is hand applied and finished.  It is perhaps the softest quilt I have ever seen.

The ivory spots are not stains.  It is fabric of a more muslin color that the white sashing.
What a great theme - All blue stripes.
6" Nine patches, 2"x6" sashing strips with 2" sashing corners.  and a scrappy 2" stripe border.

A fun variety of blues, with a few non-stripes thrown into the stripe theme for good measure.

Add some texture and a sprinkle of red.

Or is it a spark of red for interest...

This square has it all: stripes, texture, red, multiple blues...all packed in a 2" square.

Note the texture in the whites as well.

Hand quilting on the diagonal.

That was just the first couple of days...and now you have an idea of how fun June was.  More posts with our shopping and travel adventures to follow...
Extra suitcases were purchased and filled!

Which of the three quilts speak to you?


  1. Beautiful quilts, love seeing the old ones and the materials they used.


  2. Love the stars but when you said the quilt of blue stripes was the softest I have to go with that one as my favorite. I love that about old quilts and I almost always throw quilts I finish into the wash to soften them. Looking forward to more photos of your adventures!

  3. I'm loving the center chain quilt because of that great unusual border!!

  4. Fantastic purchases! So much fun to see what you and your friend got. :D I've been dreaming about single Irish Chains so I like that dark blue 1" squares one. :D

  5. My favorite is the simple nine patch made with the stripes. I am in a blue fabric mood. I am working with some blue fabrics today for basket blocks.

  6. Love the random bits of red thrown in for interest! Such an interesting addition and the star blocks... I really, really think that may be my next hand piecing project!

  7. I like the single chain with the indigo and cheddar fabric---they look like tiny blocks in the whole quilt shot. Sometimes a simple pattern with a knockout fabric just wins!! Love the double pinks in the first one also.

  8. I love them all, but something about the last one speaks to me.

  9. Oh so lovely!! The pink star quilt speaks to me. I just love that pink :0) Stars are also a favorite.

  10. I love stripes so that last quilt calls to me...

  11. This is great, thanks for showing. Love old/antique quilts, such a source of inspiration. And I love seeing all those not so perfect points and borders. Makes me feel relaxed about my own work :-) Can't wait to see more.

  12. Love them all but my favourite is the single chain . It's so clean and fresh looking.
    Thanks for the July show and tell hope we can expect more in August.

  13. What treasures! I just love looking at all of the different fabrics in antique quilts. I love that lily of the valley print. Hard to pick a favorite - they are all special in their own way!

  14. Love the show and tell. All of the quilts are beautiful and I can see why Ju e was so much fun.

  15. All old quilts speak to me. I'm not always sure what they're trying to say so they don't come home with me but I love all of them. I love both of yours, the first just a bit more. You and your friend must have had a wonderful time finding these!

  16. They are all wonderful, the 9 patch is my favorite because it reminds me of summer, which has arrived in the UK.
    Hope you have lots of sun too;))

  17. Dawn, all three quilts are beautiful and interesting in their own way. The last one really calls to me.

  18. I think the first one with all the pinks and madder reds speaks to me the most. Maybe because of my recent searches for similar fabrics.

  19. the single irish chain quilt is wonderful and the border really gives it a lot of extra movement but i LOVE the nine patch~!!~
    simple but just perfectly traditional and lovely.


  20. I like the pink quilt best followed closely by the one with the blue stripes!

  21. Definately the star quilt (which reminds me of the antique quilt I just purchased myself) ... and then the blue/White 9-patch for it's pale softness.


Thanks for your comments!